hvpy.getDataSources(verbose=False, enable=None, callback=None)[source]#

Return a hierarchial list of the available datasources.

  • verbose (bool) – Output the hierarchical list of available datasources in a format that is compatible with the JHelioviewer desktop client. Default is False, optional.

  • enable (Optional[str]) – Comma-separated list of observatories to enable. Default is None (all observatories are enabled), optional.

  • callback (Optional[str]) – Wrap the response object in a function call of your choosing. Default is None (no wrapping), optional.

Return type:

Union[bytes, str, Dict[str, Any]]



>>> from hvpy import getDataSources
>>> getDataSources()
{'GOES-R': {'SUVI': {'94': {'sourceId': 2000, 'nickname': 'GOES-R SUVI 94', 'layeringOrder': 1, 'start': '...', 'end': '...', 'uiLabels': [{'label': 'Observatory', 'name': 'GOES-R'}, {'label': 'Instrument', 'name': 'SUVI'}, {'label': 'Measurement', 'name': '94'}]}...