If you are new to Python and/or do not have familiarity with Python virtual environments, then we recommend starting by installing miniforge. This works on all platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows) and installs a full-featured Python environment in your user directory without requiring root privileges.

Using pip#

To install hvpy with pip, run

pip install hvpy

Using Conda#

To install hvpy using conda run

conda install -c conda-forge hvpy

Obtaining the Source Package#

Source Package#

The latest stable source package for hvpy can be downloaded at

Development Repository#

The latest development version of hvpy can be cloned from GitHub.

git clone

Installing from Source#

To build and install hvpy (from the root of the source tree)

pip install -e ".[tests,dev]"

which installs hvpy in development mode, this means that a change in the source code is immediately reflected.